Go and Viva il Re!

Today I played a game of Go against Ilari. 13×13, no handicap, I played white. Ilari is much slower player than Juho, which is both good and bad. It’s nice to play several 19×19 games in quick succession, but I think I play better against Ilari when I’m forced to think a bit more. Still, I lost today.<-- We were three and thus we played two games of Viva il Re!. The game’s really growing on me — enough so that I raised my rating to nine at the Geek. It’s just so simple and so fun. In the other hand, I’ve won three games out of four, so that might have some effect on it, but we’ll see after I lose some games.

I’ll write a review at some point, but meanwhile you might want to take a look at Tom Vasel’s review. He’s a very good reviewer, by the way. His other reviews are well worth reading.

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One response to “Go and Viva il Re!”

  1. I’ve noticed that I seem to overthink Go. I need to get a better intuition on moves (or I just need to trust it). The QuickGo we played one time was really interesting experience, as one had to rely completely on Go intuition. Although it was quite hectic.
    But there is indeed the good side to overthinking that I won. 🙂