Viva il Re!

I wrote a review of Viva il Re! — in Finnish as usual. I’ve also reworked the front page of my Finnish game site, hope you enjoy the new look, if you’re a reader.

I initially rated Viva il Re! as 9 at the Geek, but my rating has since come down to eight. That’s where it’ll stay, I think. If you don’t know the game yet, I recommend you read one of the two very good reviews available, by Tom Vasel or Shannon Applecline.

Now you know the game, let me tell you what I think about it. I think it’s rather pleasing little bluffing game. It’s not a serious bluffing game, if you’re looking for one. I don’t know what to suggest, but not Viva il Re!, that’s for sure. The game has its shortcomings. Components, while pretty, aren’t as usable as they should or could be. The non-exclusivity of player goals can result in short rounds.

Still, I think the game is fun to play and easy to teach. That’s quite important when you’re the person who usually explains the rules. It’s heavy task and one reason I wasn’t too keen on Goa was the fact I’d have to explain the rules every time — the rules of that game are far from elegant. It just isn’t fun. There’s no such problem with Viva il Re!, that’s certain.

So — it’s good fun for the whole family and a decent filler for more dedicated gamers. If your group has staple fillers you enjoy to play, you can basically skip Viva il Re!, but if you’re looking for something new and don’t mind little bluffing, it could be a good choice.

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2 responses to “Viva il Re!”

  1. But the whole point of the game is, that the goals are not distinct as it would be quite a boring game that way!
    You are even supposed to play with only the lower half of the cards (they are numbered!) when you have just a few players as to ensure the goals are not disjoint sets!
    I actually increased my initial rating of the game after some playings, as it proved to be quite a nice filler and quick and easy enough to play in pub or where ever.

  2. Yeah — you do have a point. I still think it’s boring, if the same guy appears on everyone’s lists. But of course, that’s an extreme case.