Lost Cities weekend

I visited my parents last weekend and as usual, games were played. I took my standard set of games: the Africa box, filled with Africa, Puerto Rico and 6 Nimmt, Battle Line which included Vom Kap bis Kairo and as a newcomer, Lost Cities.

Lost Cities turned out to be the big hit of the weekend. My mother was working at Tampere for Friday, so we took the same train to Jyväskylä and played the first games of Lost Cities in the train. I played a total of 21 games of it during the weekend, which was nice. It’s close to 100 games played at this rate!

Puerto Rico is another favourite, and it was played three times, every day. I won two out of three, which was unusual. Ismo’s tactic of getting loads of money didn’t work out this time, and he actually lost a game in which he got three large bonus buildings! I don’t remember which tactic beat him then, it might have been my corn shipper.

We also played Vom Kap bis Kairo, but I’m writing a separate entry about that.

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