Forum werewolves

We’ve been playing Werewolf on the Board Game Society forums lately and it’s been a riot. I never quite understood the buzz on the Geek for Werewolf, but now I do. It’s a great game to play on a message board. When spread over several days, with all the history there to check… the accusations get a whole new twist.

Right now things look bad for the village: 10 people remain and all three wolves remain. The seer just came out of the closet, but is he a seer? Who knows? Am I a wolf? Maybe, maybe not — won’t tell you quite yet. But things are really heating up in the village now.

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One response to “Forum werewolves”

  1. I played my first game a few months ago, and had a terrible performance as a wolf. (made even worse by trying to play over a vacation weekend with spotty access) It didn’t leave a great impression, but I’m giving it another go, with a game scheduled in September.