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Please note that Gameblog is also available as a RSS feed. The link ("Syndicate this site") is well hidden at the bottom of the page. But, as it really is a concept I want to embrace and support, here’s the RSS feed link again.

I installed AmphetaDesk today (thanks to Iain for the tip and opening my eyes to the most revolutionary and most interesting web technique I’ve seen this far — I’m going to syndicate my whole web site sooner or later! I love RSS!), it’s really neat piece of software if you spend your time checking out plenty of weblogs. Why go running around if you can check them all on one web site?

This, I feel in a completely unrelated to gaming way, is definitely Something. This is what I’ve always wanted to have but couldn’t have imagined it. Or maybe not, but I’m awe-stricken.

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