Got some games

I think I mentioned an Adam Spielt order two weeks ago… Well, I got the games yesterday: Sticheln and Bohnanza. So no Wizard for me!

Reason for that is the simple fact that Wizard is easily played with the Sticheln deck as it only adds four Wizards and four Jesters to the standard deck — thus Sticheln’s zeroes can replace the Jesters and 15s can replace the Wizards. Also, the Wizard is horribly ugly. So, I got Bohnanza, as it is a true classic game and a very good bargain at 4, 95 euros.

I must say the Sticheln deck looks wonderful. The cards are really good looking, very simple and clear design. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise when I noticed who did it: who else but Franz Vohwinkel, the guru of the German game graphic design. Great work.

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