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  • Lessons in bankruptcy

    We played Age of Steam today on Ted Alspach’s Oklahoma Land Rush map. It was a pretty rough match. Bankruptcies are pretty rare in Age of Steam, despite the reputation of the game. After today’s game, the amount of bankruptcies I’ve seen so far probably multiplied, as three out of four players went down. Let’s […]

  • Back from Helcon!

    Another Helcon is gone (well, they’re still playing, but I’m already back home) and boy, it was a good one! We started games on the train to Helsinki. Robert managed to get himself to the wrong train (for some reason there were to trains to Helsinki within three minutes), but I had Olli and Sami […]

  • Monday games: Go, prototype

    Yet another Monday games session! This one started with a game of Go against Juho. Yet again I lost giving two stone handicap, so obviously that’s too much (or then I just play sloppy). The most interesting part of this game was the fact that I counted the score using Chinese scoring. That was fun. […]

  • Café Games: Go, Flaschenteufel, Sticheln

    February started with a game of Go against Juho. 19×19, I played white and gave one stone handicap. It was over fairly quick; Juho resigned after my trick plays broke his defense and a large group of my stones (over 20) that began with no life suddenly got very secure life. It would’ve been fairly […]

  • First games of 2004!

    2004 started with a small meeting with Juho and Olli, who are probably pretty high on my regular opponents list. We met at restaurant Telakka, which is a nice place except it’s a bit too small. That wouldn’t be a problem, but when the place is that small, it’s hard to have enough distance to […]

  • Wednesday games, part 10: Go, Sticheln, Pond

    Another small crowd this Wednesday, only Ilari and Olli once again. Well, we still had good time. Because Olli came a bit later than Ilari, I had time to play a 9×9 Go match with Ilari. I gave him 1-stone handicap (he played black, I didn’t get komi) and proceeded to win the game by […]

  • Sticheln

    Finnish users can go ahead and read the Finnish review. I’ve played enough Sticheln that I feel I can write a review. However, my point-of-view is very biased: I’ve only ever played the three-player game. Well, one four-player game, but that’s not enough. Still, I think Sticheln is such a superior three-player game that reviewing […]

  • Wednesday games, part 6: Time Control, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

    This time we had a much smaller attendance. I arrived at 11.30 am and met Erkka, who had also just arrived. Fortunately I had planned to play two-player games! We started with Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. We played two games, and both of us won one game. We both won with the good […]

  • Sticheln

    I wrote a post about my June games to the Spielfrieks list and Doug Orleans replied to it about Sticheln. I wrote a lengthy reply and thought I’d post it here as well. Doug wrote: I played this with 4, and liked it a lot, but then tried it with 3 and it fell pretty […]

  • Wednesday Games III: The Last Panther

    It was a bit quiet day today, as we only had three players. Well, we still played many delightful games. I was eager to try even some of the Mü & mehr games. So, we tried The Last Panther, which turned out to be a nice little trick-taking game. It is also rather nasty game, […]