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  • Bohnanza and Rattus

    Yesterday we were supposed to play Cavum, which I’ve had for quite a while now, but that plan failed: there were five of us. The curse of a small game group… I don’t mind a smaller group, as it makes it more likely that you get to play the same games again with same people, […]

  • Blue Moon City, Bohnanza and Fairy Tale

    Another day, another game session, this time with Olli H. and Sami from yesterday. We kicked off with Blue Moon City, as requested by both Sami and Olli. I’m always game for this one! We played twice and both were quite curious games. In the first one, both Sami and Olli hoarded crystals, we actually […]

  • Helcon III — Saturday

    Helcon III began early in the morning, when we packed up everything in Tommy’s car and headed to the location. We quickly set everything up, unpacked games and arranged the tables and whatnot. First visitors arrived early and started playing games soon and soon more came. First game I played was a four-player Crokinole match. […]

  • Bohnanza

    I wrote a review of Bohnanza. You can read it on my Finnish site. I think Bohnanza is one of those games every gamer should know. It’s a classic. That said, it’s not of my real favourites, thus my modest review of three stars out of five. Still, I recommend it highly for people looking […]

  • Wednesday games, part 8: Liar Dice

    We had another pleasant game session Yesterday. I started with Erkka, trying out a prototype I’ve been thinking about lately. My aim is to create a card-driven two-player tile-laying game that feels like Go. Not an easy task and the current version of the game simply sucks. Too bad. I’ll try to fix it a […]

  • Wednesday games: Fluxx, Sticheln, Bohnanza

    Because I’m trying to spend my time doing something else than studying, I got this idea of weekly game afternoon. I chose afternoon, because Johanna is lucky and has a job and thus isn’t home and I can then be back home when she is. The first of these Wednesday meetings was today and it […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Board game club had a meeting Yesterday. There were plans to play Die Macher, since it was the election day and all that, but it was cancelled because I couldn’t find the rule book… Well, I suppose most people had a good afternoon and evening of enjoyment nevertheless. I got to play just about every […]

  • Bohnanza rules translation

    For the Finnish readership, there’s an rules translation for Bohnanza available at my web site.

  • Got some games

    I think I mentioned an Adam Spielt order two weeks ago… Well, I got the games yesterday: Sticheln and Bohnanza. So no Wizard for me! Reason for that is the simple fact that Wizard is easily played with the Sticheln deck as it only adds four Wizards and four Jesters to the standard deck — […]