Poll results

I’m closing the poll now as there haven’t been any votes during the last few days. Here are the results:

Option Fr. Pr.  
No 2 11 %
No opinion 6 32 %
Yes 8 42 %
Yes, me! 3 16 %
Total 19 100 %  

It turns out that second author would be a welcome improvement for this blog. So… You three who chose the “Yes, me!” option (and anybody else who might be interested), please contact me by e-mail (msaari@iki.fi), and perhaps I’ll be able to find someone who’s suitable for the job. Thanks for participation!

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2 responses to “Poll results”

  1. I voted “no opinion” at the time, but on reflection, I’d like to change my vote to “no” and argue this way. In some ways, I’d like to see more separate board game weblogs rather than fewer that more different people contribute to.
    If you wanted to, could you set up /another/ gameblog for someone else at melankolia.net — say, http://www.melankolia.net/gameblog2/ ? I must admit that I do see why this would be a problem for many people, though given that I read everything through my RDF reader, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem to me…

  2. I like blogs with several authors, as that usually means more updates. But I see your point… Well, nobody has this far announced their interest to participate, so the question is quite theoretical right now.
    But sure — if someone is interested to have a blog of their own, I can host one. I’ve got the latest version of Movable Type installed and adding new blogs is very easy. I also have a gigabyte of disk space, so I’m not going to run out of it soon. So, if someone wants to have a blog, preferably game-related but other topics are probably fine too, sure, just contact me and I’ll see what we can do.