Games, games, games

What’s going on, gamewise:

Order from Adam Spielt with my brand new credit card (I finally went and got one). I’m getting Amun-Re, Age of Steam, Coloretto, King Lui, Dia de los Muertos, Mamma Mia! and probably Land Unter too. That’s about 90 euros worth of games. Add to that 130 euros worth of stuff ordered by my friends and my mother(!), and you’ll get a nice little order. About 10 kilos of games heading my way, thank you!

Another thing made possible (or easier) by the credit card: I’ve got a copy of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (suggested to me by Iain) coming for me in eBay.

Next Sunday is the next meeting of the board game club, it’s actually the last meeting this Spring before the Summer break. I’m looking forward to play Mare Nostrum.

And finally: I’m starting a weekly games meet for the Summer. It seems there are other people like me, without a Summer job that is. We’ll meet for games every Wednesday at the Klubi café from about 12-15. If you’re in town, welcome!

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One response to “Games, games, games”

  1. You’ll love SHCD. It’s a great game. Every fan of the Sherlock Holmes books and gaming will love it. I bought a stand-alone expansion, called West End Adventures, the other day for a friend. It’s available from, along with the other expansions. It’s inspired me to find a compilation of all the Sherlock Holmes books, ideally one with all the original illustrations from Strand Magazine.
    I think you’re going to have to get a job to pay for all these games! ;o)