Growing old and bitter

I went through my Boardgamegeek ratings and updated them a bit. Seems I’m becoming more critical: my average rating went down from 7.30 to 6.99. Quite a few games dived from 7 to 4, for example. It was an interesting exercise…

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4 responses to “Growing old and bitter”

  1. Interestingly for me, I checked the correlation between our ratings the other day when Aldie presented the new correlation tool. The correlation between us was high before, but it has now slightly increased to about 0.59, which is the highest I have yet found. Therefore I should keep reading this blog as I’m likely to enjoy the games that you do.

  2. Yes, our opinions seem to match quite nicely. The biggest disagreements are Settlers of Catan and Netrunner… My rating for Settlers of Catan could be higher, if I had rated what I think about the game in general. I appreciate the game, but I don’t want to play it, and that’s what the rating says.
    It would be nice to see a list of the people with best correlations to my ratings, but I understand that’d mean a lot of counting on the fly by the database. It’d probably be quite slow… But the 0.59 we have is one of the best correlations I’ve seen (and I checked quite a few yesterday).

  3. BTW, the Geek *does* offer a list of other geeks whose profile best match yours; see under ‘Your Profile’ and then click on “Match Correlation to Other Users

  4. Yeah, I know. It didn’t offer the list when I wrote the entry, though. It’s a welcome addition.