Cthulhu rises again

Olli came by to trade Mythos cards. We also played a game, which I lost. Good for Olli, as it was his first attempt at deck building. I have to say my deck was easy on him — my Great War veteran tried to join the Black Pharaoh Brotherhood and then travel to R’Lyeh to summon Cthulhu and that takes a long time…

Another very pleasant session, anyway. It’d be better with more players, but two-player Mythos is decent fun and definitely amongs the better CCGs. We also placed an eBay bid on a display box of boosters for the game. The price is low, but the shipping can be fierce. We’ll see about that, if we win. I’d expect the price for 18 boosters to be fairly nice after the shipping.

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One response to “Cthulhu rises again”

  1. I oughta dig up my Mythos cards from the storage. My set is almost full, missing only couple of cards if I remember correctly.