Bringing my rank down

Played some Go today. I’m trying to bring my KGS rank down a bit. I’m just not 15 kyu. Today I lost a game (a bit over forty points — I lost 24 stones as captures!) to a 12 kyu, which dropped me down to 17 kyu. I guess I should sooner or later hit a level where I can expect to actually win some games.

Also, I’d really like to get rid of the ? next to my rank. I think it’s causing me to miss some game opportunities, as people seem to be reluctant to play against people with unstable rankings. Which is understandable, I’m a bit more careful with unstable rankings on Dragon.

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One response to “Bringing my rank down”

  1. Good luck with Funkenschlag. The stock market and crayon rails elements were interesting, but the powerplant auctions completely jammed up in the mid-game. Our last game lasted four hours, so I sold it immediately!