Space Walk

I wrote a review of Space Walk (in Finnish). I gave it two stars (mediocre), but found nothing wrong in it. It’s a nice little Mancala variant with some neat twists and a rather solid basic movement mechanic, but how long it can entertain you is another thing. It’s a good game for the whole family, so if you see it cheap somewhere, my recommendation is to buy it. I wouldn’t, however, see the trouble of especially hunting it down.

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3 responses to “Space Walk”

  1. I recently bought this one from a friend, and have already had great fun with it with my kids. Bruno Faidutti explains it well when he compares it to Mancala (as you have), in the same way that Die Malwurf Co. can be compared to chinese checkers. They’re both thoughtful abstract games, but given a great production and theme to make them appealing to kids. (And big kids like me. 🙂