Attika at BSW

Attika boxDetermined to get Attika on my fives and tens list this year, I played two rounds at the Brettspielwelt. Attika is certainly an interesting two-player game! The first game I played was an embarrassing five-minute disaster — my opponent blitzed to connect the two shrines. The second game went better, but it’s still very obvious I don’t know how to play the game well. The result of the game remains a mystery, as my opponent quit before the game was finished. I think she might have won, even though I had less buildings left than she. I think she knows the game better than I: she has played over 300 games with a victory percentage of 70.

One day, one day I will learn how the play the game well.

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One response to “Attika at BSW”

  1. I also finally got a chance to play Attika last night on BSW. It’s a great game and I want to pick it up sometime soon. The first game I was totally lost and didn’t have a good idea what I was doing. The second game, I had a better feel for what was going on and I managed to squeak by with a win in a very tight game. I did make a significant mistake that keep me from winning one turn earlier, but fortunately my opponent was not able build all of his buildings.