Anathema arrived

Today I got the new Anathema card game by APE Games. I won it a while ago and now it arrived.

I have yet to try it, but the rules look simple enough. The basic game is pretty much basic Casino (actually, it isn’t — it’s Royal Casino, which is the way Casino is played in Finland and Sweden), so I don’t think it can go much wrong (but of course, some might find the game play too identical to Casino). Advanced rules add some special effects to certain cards. That’s something I’m ready to skip in the first times I try the game.

But, the card art. It’s done by Drew Tucker, whose work I like a lot. It’s just brilliant, simply the best card game art I’ve ever seen. It’s a deck full of pictures that equal the best CCG card art. Very beautiful! Of course, it depends on if you like Drew Tucker’s style or not, the APE Games’ Anathema page has examples.

Can’t wait to try this one!

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One response to “Anathema arrived”

  1. We hope you enjoy the game as much as the art! You are right: basic Anathema is Royal Casino.
    Drew Tucker fans might like the interview we just posted at APE Games
    We also interviewed Alessandra Cimatoribus, who did the art in Big Top for us.
    Both interviews are available on the respective product pages at