Café games: Go, Rengo, Anathema

The infamous café games started today. The main theme of these sessions is Go and as it turned out, I played a ton of it. I played several games against Juho, both larger (13×13) and smaller (9×9, very fast games). One session and Go is already on my 10’s list!

The curiosity of the Go session was a rengo we played — a four-player game! Me and Juho led our teams, I joined with Ari and Juho played with Olli. It was certainly an interesting game, even though the end result was bit of a massacre. But I’d certainly like to play more four-player games! I think it’s also a pretty good learning experience for the less experienced participants.

However, before all that, we played three rounds of Anathema. Ari and Juho learnt the rules pretty fast, the game is certainly quite easy. There are some trickier bits, mostly those about more complex builds. Nothing as tricky as opening the shrinkwrap of the cards, though. Ari stormed the game, winning after three rounds with a healthy margin. He ended up with 19 points, so one more round would’ve been enough for him the get a real victory (game ends at 21 points).

Anathema is fun, at least with three players. Is it something I’ll play again and again — well, we’ll see. I expect it to hit my fives list this year. Tens list is another thing, and I’m less sure about that.,,

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