Geeklist and dice games

I did an A-Z list of games. It’s available in the Geek as a GeekList. Feel free to comment it here or there.

Finnish readers should note that Knizia’s brilliant book Dice Games Properly Explained is available from Suomalainen kirjakauppa and Bookplus. The price is very reasonable 10 euros.

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6 responses to “Geeklist and dice games”

  1. Which games have you tried from Dice Games Properly Explained? I bought it a while ago and enjoyed reading it, but have not had time to play any of the games.

  2. Well, I’ve only tried Liar Dice and East-West. East-West is just about the best thing to do with 30 dice and two players.

  3. Liar’s Dice is definitely the best dice game I have played. I’ll play it almost any time. I got a lovely Perudo set with leather cups last Christmas.
    Due to the Perudo set, I have many dice. I might try East-West.
    Octo looks like it might be fun. I have never played any of the other jeopardy games, so I might as well play a free one before buying Can’t Stop or Exxtra.
    Thanks for the advice.

  4. I’m looking for a dice game that has three dice. They have an L (left), an R (right) or a dot? on them. You put down three dollars and roll 1, 2or 3 dice depending. If the dice comes up w/ an L, you pay 1$ to the person on your left. If it comes up an R, you pay $1 to the person on the right. If the dot comes up, you hold your money and the dice pass to the next person. The person who is the last one left w/money, wins the pot. What is this game called and where can I buy the dice? thanks.

  5. I think it’s called LCR. Yeah, that’s it: — reading the comments, I’m not really even interested to know where to find it, as it seems to be one of the seriously worst “games” ever sold. Check your local game store, or just use normal six-sided dice. If the special dice reall cost around $12, they’re probably not worth it.