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  • Bohnanza and Rattus

    Yesterday we were supposed to play Cavum, which I’ve had for quite a while now, but that plan failed: there were five of us. The curse of a small game group… I don’t mind a smaller group, as it makes it more likely that you get to play the same games again with same people,…

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2009

    So, it took me six months to get this done and when I finally did it, it took me, like, six minutes. I present you the results of the Finnish Players’ Picks 2009 voting, in the form of a handy GeekList. Enjoy.

  • Two nice GeekLists

    The Generic GeekList — The only GeekList you’ll ever need. Images for Desktop Wallpaper — Need desktop wallpapers? Sorry, the Generic GeekList won’t help, but this one will!

  • GeekList: Builders vs warriors

    I did a GeekList: So, who else is a builder? It’s about how building stuff is what makes me happy in games. Take a look, comment and add!

  • Games in Finnish

    I updated my GeekList Gamer’s games published in Finnish — it’s been a while since the last update, I had quite a few games to add. It’s now 139 titles long, and features such games as Modern Art, Chinatown, Bausack, Gulo Gulo, Wits & Wagers, Qwirkle… Pretty cool.

  • Significant commercial card games

    Here’s a question in the form of a GeekList: Which are the most significant commercial card games?

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2006

    Finnish Players’ Picks have been chosen for 2006! The winner is Caylus. Nice surprise, I’d say. I wonder how much the fast release of the Finnish edition helped… A GeekList of top 25 games is once again available, as are the complete results.

  • Amazing Meeple Geeklist

    GeekList: Intelligence Report on Subject #M33P135: The Meeples is simply amazing. A must-read, one of the very best geeklists ever.

  • Essential games

    I just created a GeekList of games I consider essential. Enjoy and comment!

  • Geeklist of games in Finnish

    According to his Geeklist of essential games, Ilari was tempted by an idea of Geeklist of games published in Finnish. I had spare time and was tempted as well, so here it is: Gamer’s games published in Finnish. First draft includes 23 games, feel free to add more if you know something I’ve either forgotten…