Monday games: Flaschenteufel

Yesterday we met for another Monday afternoon gaming session. Naturally we played Go — I faced Juho on a 19×19 game and won, but only with a margin of two points.

The card game of the day was Flaschenteufel, which I like a lot. We played two games, when Nestori joined us mid-game. First game was only two rounds long, I lost. After Nestori joined, we played seven rounds. I won with whopping 236 points — other players scored 158, 94 and 36. Juho certainly took the bottle quite a few times… I, on the other hand, managed to avoid the bottle quite well. There were two rounds when I had both Yellow one and two, but got rid of them with my superior skills (and ton of luck or bad play from others).

It’s a fun game. If you like trick-taking games, Flaschenteufel is certainly one of the best easy (that is non-Bridge) trick-takers I’ve played.

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