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  • Weekend games: Mhing, Flaschenteufel and Bongo

    I played a quick round of Mhing with Johanna while we waited for food to cook. We played just four rounds, which is probably the best explanation for my victory, which was first of it’s kind. I visited the Sunday’s board game club swiftly to pick up my copy of Cosmic Eidex (first thoughts: the […]

  • Club meeting

    Board game club gathered yesterday to play some games. I was actually rather satisfied with the games I played, I managed to play just about everything I set out to play. We started with San Marco. I’d like to try the game with three players, but once again we had four. It doesn’t matter, because […]

  • Flaschenteufel

    I wrote a review of Flaschenteufel. It’s in Finnish, as usual. To sum it up: I gave Flaschenteufel five stars out of five. I think it’s one of the very best card games around. It’s good for gamers and non-gamers — both groups will probably enjoy the strong and exciting theme. Gamers will appreciate the […]

  • Monday games: Flaschenteufel

    Yesterday we met for another Monday afternoon gaming session. Naturally we played Go — I faced Juho on a 19×19 game and won, but only with a margin of two points. The card game of the day was Flaschenteufel, which I like a lot. We played two games, when Nestori joined us mid-game. First game […]

  • Café Games: Go, Flaschenteufel, Sticheln

    February started with a game of Go against Juho. 19×19, I played white and gave one stone handicap. It was over fairly quick; Juho resigned after my trick plays broke his defense and a large group of my stones (over 20) that began with no life suddenly got very secure life. It would’ve been fairly […]

  • First games of 2004!

    2004 started with a small meeting with Juho and Olli, who are probably pretty high on my regular opponents list. We met at restaurant Telakka, which is a nice place except it’s a bit too small. That wouldn’t be a problem, but when the place is that small, it’s hard to have enough distance to […]

  • Games of 2003

    Here it is — the fabled games of 2003 overview (see the 2002 report). Enjoy. As it turned out, I played some games after I had posted this on mailing lists, but fortunately the data is still correct… It’s always interesting to make this list, though it’s also quite annoying to try to select a […]

  • Flaschenteufel

    This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Affiliate links are marked with a €.Here’s what I wrote about Flaschenteufel on Spielfrieks. It provoked a reply from Joe Huber, the author of the original Games Journal review. He told that the new edition changes aren’t just cosmetic […]

  • Go + Flaschenteufel

    We had another Go session yesterday. I did play few games of Go, certainly, but the main theme was Flaschenteufel. We played a rather pleasant four-player game. Flaschenteufel is fast becoming my favourite trick-taking game. The theme works well — I felt certain anxiety when I realised that I was never going to get rid […]

  • Flaschenteufel translation

    I wrote a Finnish translation for Flaschenteufel. It’s available in HTML and PDF formats. Oops! I just figured out (thanks to Mark Blanco’s geeklist) that I’ve got an essential rule wrong. Players do not score all the points they gathered as negative points, just the Imp’s Trick. Now that’s a mistake…