New games: Liberty and Patrician III

I got Columbia Games’ Liberty Monday. It looks interesting, pretty much like Hammer of the Scots. There are some differences, most notably a map of very different and curious shape. I’m playing my first game Friday, so you’ll hear more details after that.

I also bought an interesting computer game. Patrician 3 is pretty board game -like trading game. A computer version of Kogge, perhaps. After hour or so of play, it seems like an interesting and detailed game. It has lots of different things to manage, certainly. I thought I’d mention it, because I’m afraid it’s not exactly on the A-list of game publicity. If you’re into medieval trading, Patrician 3 is a good purchase.

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3 responses to “New games: Liberty and Patrician III”

  1. About 1, 5/2 years ago, I played Patrician II a lot. It was indeed a good game, but what really pissed me off were the typos, the grammar mistakes and spelling errors in the Dutch language version. Some of the mistakes were even in the ‘All your base belong to us’-category. Is it better in the new (Finnish?) version? Or do you have the original German version (which probably doesn’t suffer from from language mistakes)?

  2. The game got good review in the local game-magazine (Pelit) and is a sort of game that I’ve been expecting. Long time since I played games like it, Merchant Prince from around ’96 comes to mind. Apparently the game is all in all pretty good, but the criminal aspect in the game is pretty useless since it’s more profitable to play as an honorable merchant.
    Still, I’ll probably give it a go anyway.

  3. Yeah, Pelit got me buying it too. Just 18 pounds from Play… It’s the English edition, this far it looks to be ok. My only gripe is that it uses 800×600 mode for the main menu — my tft display doesn’t show it properly. However, the game itself looks pretty.
    Reko, it’s probably just the game you’re looking for…