Solo Kogge + Piecepack

Andreas Steding has published a solo variant for his excellent game Kogge. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll let you know what I think about it if I do.

I’ve also taken interest to Piecepack. If anyone wants to send me a set, I’d be more than happy… I’m currently poor as a beggar and can’t afford one. Making my own using the printable set at the web site is of course possible, but it’s rather complicated as I don’t have a colour printer and the result will be so damn ugly I know I’ll have trouble getting people to try it…


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One response to “Solo Kogge + Piecepack”

  1. Mikko, send me your address and I’ll get one shipped to you. Piecepack is amazing and you really should have a copy. A small price to pay for the good work you’ve done for the community.