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  • Alien City

    Iain challenged me for a game of Alien City (the Piecepack Wiki page has rules) at Super Duper Games. Alien City is a close relative of Fresh Fish (and as a result, Fresh Fish suddenly feels a lot less unique). In both games, a road network forms on the board as a result of players’ […]

  • Monday session: Go, cards and piecepack

    What a sad day today. I played three games of Go against Juho and lost all of them. I played black each time and in the last game even got one handicap stone. Ah, sadness. Then Ilari came to rescue and we tried some piecepack games. First we tried Hanging Gardens. It was slightly confusing […]

  • Mexica

    I wrote a review of Mexica (in Finnish). I also created a Finnish piecepack page, which gives some basic information about piecepack, lists the games I’ve tried and has some links. Mexica is part of the mask-trilogy (other games in the trilogy are Tikal and Java) and a rather good part, too. Actually, I think […]

  • More piecepack games

    Today I printed out some new piecepack games and tried two of them. They were the recommended solitaire games. Tula is like a traditional card solitaire ported to piecepack. I found it so and so. I played four games and completed it once. Once I got only one tile after the first free tile. I […]

  • First piecepack games

    I printed out some piecepack games yesterday so I could try my new set. For the obvious reasons I chose some games from the Solitary Confinement competition winners. I took a look at Piece Packing Pirates, the contest winner, but when I noticed it has nine pages of rules, I decided to leave it for […]

  • Mail

    Today mail brought me two 3rd edition Mesomorph piecepacks. Thanks to Chris Brooks for providing me with the games. I also got the new Adam spielt catalog, but I’m not sure if I want to open it — it’s full of temptations anyway. The cover features Das Spiel by Reinhold Wittig. Check it out, it’s […]

  • Solo Kogge + Piecepack

    Andreas Steding has published a solo variant for his excellent game Kogge. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll let you know what I think about it if I do. I’ve also taken interest to Piecepack. If anyone wants to send me a set, I’d be more than happy… I’m currently poor as a beggar and […]