Age of Steam maps

Age of Steam logoAge of Steam will get another expansion set in the Autumn (it’ll be published at Essen, like the previous one). The double-sided map includes Scandinavia and Korea. This information is from French Gone Cardboard site and confirmed by Martin Wallace, who also told me the Scandinavian map doesn’t include Finland.

Also, the Western US and Germany expansion will be published by Warfrog. Previously there has been a 60-copy very limited edition, which was published in Essen last year by Winsome Games. Warfrog edition will be printed in the usual few thousands, I suppose. This one should be out in the Summer.

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6 responses to “Age of Steam maps”

  1. Oh, I missed that one. It’s by Winsome, so is it done properly this time or just 60 or so copies?

  2. How long will it take before there are more Age of Steam maps than Formula Dé maps? 😉

  3. Well I for one wouldn’t mind, as Age of Steam is so much better than Formula Dé… So hopefully soon!

  4. Hi,
    I’ve made a Middle Earth map for AoS. Around 4 Mo .rar archive. If interested, mail me at olivier.fontan (at)