Game session: Neuen Entdecker and Drahtseilakt

We had a small games meet today. I was joined by Inka (a new convert) and Erkka. As the main course, I decided we would play Die Neuen Entdecker. After all, I’ve had it for half a year now and I’ve only played it once before. It was about time I gave it a proper go.

It turned out to be a pretty mediocre game. It was decent fun and didn’t last too long, just one hour. Inka, who’s a total newbie, won the game with a healthy margin. But that’s no wonder: even though me and Erkka played a more active role in the game, she was either first (once) or second (twice) on the three large islands in the game. Add to that her pretty good success with the bonus scoring and that’s it.

Sure, it’s a fun game to play, but I don’t know — I really don’t feel tempted to play the game again. Somehow the decisions aren’t quite agonizing enough or something — it’s hard to say, but I think the game is actually somewhat boring. That’s a harsh judgment and the game will hit the trade pile sooner or later.

To round it up we played a game of Drahtseilakt. Now that’s a fun game! I did well, but Erkka did better — he had a heavy score from one round, but managed to get a zero score on the last turn, thus taking the lead from me. Blast. It’s a good fun, though, and I’m quite happy to own the game (and not the dreadful Relationship Tightrope edition).

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