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  • Ticket to Ride

    As last weeks game of Die Neuen Entdecker seemed a bit too heavy, I wanted to offer something lighter this time. I chose Ticket to Ride and it turned out to be a good selection. It’s a fun game and well worth the SdJ, I think. It works fine with three players, the removal of […]

  • Game session: Neuen Entdecker and Drahtseilakt

    We had a small games meet today. I was joined by Inka (a new convert) and Erkka. As the main course, I decided we would play Die Neuen Entdecker. After all, I’ve had it for half a year now and I’ve only played it once before. It was about time I gave it a proper […]

  • New explorers

    I was fortunate enough to get a free copy of the Finnish edition of Die Neuen Entdecker from the game’s publisher Marektoy. The Finnish edition is identical with the German, as it is done in Germany by Kosmos as far as I know, so it looks brilliant. I played it with Johanna yesterday. I enjoyed […]

  • Die Neuen Entdecker in Finnish

    I went to Stockmann today and checked, as usual, the board games (they have the best selection in Tampere, at least of the department stores) and was quite surprised to see a Finnish edition of Die Neuen Entdecker. It was titled Uudet löytöretket (New Expeditions). Front cover said the game was designed by “world famous […]