Middle-Earth cards for sale

I quit roleplaying games earlier and now it’s time for CCG’s. After several years of silence, I finally got around to selling my Middle-Earth: CCG cards. It’s an excellent game, but I never play it. Thus, the best parts of my collection are available at Chris’ MECCG Home Page. The rest of it — a large pile of uncommons and commons, mostly of Lidless Eye and Against Shadows sets — remains and will be sold to someone at some point. If you’re interested in obtaining a large pile of useful cards with a cheap price, contact me.

I also have a fairly large pile of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards, mostly commons and uncommons (I already sold my rares long time ago), available. Those can be purchased with a very humble price as well.

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3 responses to “Middle-Earth cards for sale”

  1. I have never been into CCGs. Can you recommend anything that gives a similar buzz, while still being cheap? I have heard Scarab Lords and Blue Moon are good. Chrises Brooks and Farrell have mentioned that pre-constructed decks are good, but I don’t really know what that means compared to a regular CCG.
    I tried Magic and Netrunner and was not impressed with either. Basic Magic was too simple and too expensive to get into. Netrunner had *lots* of rules ambiguities and the worst rulebook of all time.

  2. Hmm, I’ve played alot of CCGs and thought that Netrunner was the best of the bunch. We really didn’t encounter any problems with the rules and generally had the most fun with this game than any other (Jyhad, or vampire, did come close second though). It was a shame though that Netrunner was ran over by the MTG juggernaut. Netrunner was actually resurrected for a while by the extremly active fan base, but it seems the game is long dead nowadays.
    Jyhad had the same problem and was basically dying, but after white wolf acquired it, it has seemed to be striving pretty well with new expansions and whatnot. These games can last, but I think they are also very exciting and full of theme.
    I’m so completely burnt out by Mtg that nothing can get me to play another game of it. And besides, I get sad when I see the cards today, all that wonderful art talent has been washed down the drain and it’s full of your average fantasy illustrations these days. Where’s Drew Tucker when you need him…

  3. I think there are no really good alternatives. Deckbuilding is the main aspect of why I enjoy CCG’s and more limited card set isn’t enough. Mystick: Domination is a fairly nice, though.
    My brother raves about playing CCG’s online, mostly Magic I think but many other games are available. That’s always a nice option, if you just want the games — you’ll have every card imaginable at your reach. I, however, like to fiddle with cards so I’ll guess I’ll spend my online gaming time at BSW or Kiseido.