Ticket to Ride

As last weeks game of Die Neuen Entdecker seemed a bit too heavy, I wanted to offer something lighter this time. I chose Ticket to Ride and it turned out to be a good selection.

It’s a fun game and well worth the SdJ, I think. It works fine with three players, the removal of double routes is quite enough to make the game interesting. Erkka dominated the first game, the scores were 134-76-63 — thus, he almost had more than the two of us together. In that game I made a crucial mistake: I started a 20-point route as my last route. Oops. I didn’t do that in the second game and won the game with even more points (but smaller margin).

My rating is still eight at the Geek — I think it’s a good game, but it’s not that special. Of recent games, I find Memoir ’44 and San Juan more to my liking, for example. Still, Ticket to Ride is a game I want to own, it’s such an useful game. It works with anyone, is easy to teach and fun to play. For a truly great game, I expect a bit more challenge. Ticket to Ride is exciting, but not challenging.

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