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  • October 2015 new and noteworthy

    October was a busy month, lots of games. That’s good! I didn’t attend Spiel at Essen, and only followed the Essen game flow superficially. I did join the Finnish Board Game Society Secret Santa, which forced me to create a wishlist and got me thinking about new games. I now have a small notebook at […]

  • Memoir with Air Pack

    I met Sami for some Memoir ’44 with the Air Pack. We had time for two scenarios, both from the Western front. We played Carentan Causeway and the Battle for Arracourt. The first one was a quick one, because of my careless playing. The second was more interesting and in the end, I won 6-5, […]

  • Combat Commander: Europe

    Review of Combat Commander: Europe in Finnish. I’m definitely an eurogamer — fond of fairly simple games that manage to create complex gameplay from a small ruleset. Yet sometimes I want more. This has been particularly true for war games: Memoir ’44 is fun, but ultimately not enough. In the other hand, Advanced Squad Leader […]

  • Latest crush

    I’ve got this thing with war games. I’d like to have a tactical level war game in my collection. I like Memoir ’44, it works well for what it tries to be, but I’d like something with more detail, more story to it. However, Advanced Squad Leader and other games like it are way too […]

  • Gaming year 2006

    Once again the year is over and it’s time for the year-end report. Here’s 2005 for comparison… Good games published in 2006 Age of Steam: London and Sun, 1830’s Pennsylvania and Northern California — I’ve played one map from each of the Bézier expansions, and loved both. Interesting new concepts, excellent production quality — great […]

  • Resisting the temptation

    Ah, BattleLore. I’ve read the reports, the blog entries, the praise. How I wish you were mine, and how I must fight this temptation… I really like Memoir ’44, and while I prefer the military theme to the fantasy (medieval warfare isn’t bad — I just get an allergic reaction when in contact with standard […]

  • Memoir ’44: Pacific Theater

    Review in Finnish. Pacific Theater is the latest expansion for Memoir ’44. Like Eastern Front, it adds new figures, new rules and new scenarios to the basic game. This time the fighting is between the Japanese and the US Marine Corps. Japanese forces never surrender (that is, always ignore the first retreat flag), attack with […]

  • Hot Games for Q3/2006

    Here’s a list of hottest games for the third quarter of 2006 for me. This is based on number of plays, my enjoyment of the game and the novelty value, so new games tend to show up higher on the list. You can also check the previous quarter, with completely different games. Memoir ’44 — […]

  • Pacific Memoir and rats

    My last board game session this summer involved me, Olli and Memoir ’44: Pacific Theatre. The latest Memoir ’44 expansion turned out to be a blast. We played two scenarios. Japanese counter-attack on Guam was faster thing, while playing through the Iwo Jima Meat Grinder took almost an hour. Both were interesting, well-developed scenarios. The […]

  • Battles in the east

    I met Olli for a session of Memoir ’44. We ended up exploring the Eastern Front expansion. Both scenarios we played — Gates of Moscow and Breakout to Lisyanka — were excellent. Add the excellent Suomussalmi scenario to that and the expansion pack starts to feel like a pretty good purchase. The scenarios are great. […]