Best session report ever

This Amun-Re session report by Joe Gola is simply the best session report I’ve ever read. It’s just hilarious.

The following is a translation of an ancient Egyptian text found in a crude clay pot buried long, long ago on the banks of the Nile. Carbon dating of the ink on the papyrus indicates that this was written sometime in the neighborhood of August 8, 2004 B.C., possibly at 3:15 in the afternoon…

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2 responses to “Best session report ever”

  1. Yep, Joe’s the best Session Reporter I’ve ever seen. The funny thing is that the second best is probably Marty McMartin, who is another member of Joe’s gaming group. While Marty doesn’t have Joe’s literary flair, his reports are extremelky detailed, with a lot of Marty’s thoughts on strategy both during that play and for a the game he is writing about in general.