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  • Game comics

    I’m not sure if Larry Leadhead is a good webcomic or not, but this one kind of hit home…

  • Amazing Meeple Geeklist

    GeekList: Intelligence Report on Subject #M33P135: The Meeples is simply amazing. A must-read, one of the very best geeklists ever.

  • Funny geeklist

    Every now and then you hit a good GeekList… Variants for the Criminally Twisted (or editions that didn’t make it to production) is one of those, especially this item: Slightly Odd Behaviour at House on the Hill: Players scramble about in a mysterious old house while slightly odd things occur, like they discover that two…

  • Best session report ever

    This Amun-Re session report by Joe Gola is simply the best session report I’ve ever read. It’s just hilarious. The following is a translation of an ancient Egyptian text found in a crude clay pot buried long, long ago on the banks of the Nile. Carbon dating of the ink on the papyrus indicates that…

  • Anagrams of Boardgame Titles

    Being a some kind of word person myself, I found the geeklist Anagrams of Boardgame Titles rather interesting. My favourite of the crop is probably one twisted from Hammer of the Scots: "Shame, frost cometh" — that’s certainly what English player might think when his attack to crush the Scottish resistance would need just one…

  • Geeklist

    Googlism Geeklist is one of the best I’ve seen in ages. It’s just hilarious.

  • Go humour

    I haven’t been checking out Almost Sente in a while. Of the new strips, number 50 was hilariously funny! I think I have a dry sense of humour sometimes.

  • Gamer sense of humor

    Who says gamers don’t have a sense of humour: GeekList of X-rated games — terribly funny! BoardgameGeek entry #69: Bollox GeekList of haiku reviews GeekList of devilishly good games — there’s no fun like satanic fun