Fresh Fish

I was wondering what to grab this month from I had little idea, until I reached F in the list of games and noticed they had Fresh Fish. When it came out (from Plenary), I wanted to get it, but at the time Safe Haven didn’t have it and ordering from USA was (and is) too expensive. Then I just forgot about it — until now, that is.

I’ve spent lot of time recently researching the game. I’ve basically read everything about it I could find at Geek — not much — and googled for it. That didn’t produce much either, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until I have the game and get to play it. I tried Chris Brooks’ Fresh Fish program, but that’s a small comfort as it doesn’t include AI players. Well, at least I have a rather solid idea on how the expropriation of roads works. It doesn’t sound like a difficult concept, really, the rules are quite logical.

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3 responses to “Fresh Fish”

  1. You’re right that the expropriation concept really isn’t that hard but making sure to apply it everywhere at all times often is, at least for me. I am thinking about my next move or whatever and not carefully studying after every single play whether the road situation has changed. Even in games where everyone understood the rule, we have often missed filling in some streets (which may have then led to more streets) for several turns of play and this is problem because you often really have to try to back out, depending on how important what you missed is.

  2. You will not regret it. It’s a fine game. Having said that, if you have a piecepack and Icehouse you should try Alien City beforehand.

  3. I hope to be able to resume development on FF at some point in the near future. Plenary Games had me stop working on it due to some internal issues there, but I’m hopeful that I can open the source again and get going on AI and N/W play. At the very least it is useful for learning how expropriation works.