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  • Oregon, Fresh Fish, Age of Steam

    I missed yesterday’s games, thanks to a 39-degree fever. Nasty. Last week Petri wasn’t present, so we took the opportunity to play games Petri doesn’t care about that much. Unfortunately that list includes Age of Steam… So, of course, that was the first thing on the list. We played the Poland map from Winsome Games. […]

  • Container full of Fresh Fish

    Last week we played Container and Fresh Fish. Container is one of those games that divide opinions, but we’ve got some fans of the game. I like it, the free-wheeling process of manufacturing, buying, selling and shipping just works. I like the way the economy depends on the players: if players waste money, the economy […]

  • Tracon III

    I spent most of my yesterday attending Tracon. Tracon is a yearly convention here in Tampere, this was the third time it was organized. Tracon is mostly about anime, manga and role-playing games. In the first two Tracon’s, I don’t think there was any board game presence, but this time the Finnish Board Game Society […]

  • A new prototype!

    I came up with a simple game idea today; it was so simple I didn’t even need to write up the rules to try it. It was fun, and definitely something I’ll develop a bit more. It does have a good pedigree, since the idea is very much based on Fresh Fish and Alien City. […]

  • Alien City

    Iain challenged me for a game of Alien City (the Piecepack Wiki page has rules) at Super Duper Games. Alien City is a close relative of Fresh Fish (and as a result, Fresh Fish suddenly feels a lot less unique). In both games, a road network forms on the board as a result of players’ […]

  • Fresh Fish

    Here’s the 100th review of my Finnish site: Fresh Fish. Fresh Fish is a neat game. I like it a lot. It’s a tile placement game, but with a twist: rarely is a tile-placement game so focused on the squares where the tiles are not placed! The goal of the game is to connect one’s […]

  • Lahti board game weekend 2005

    Once again I ventured to Lahti and Peter Munter’s board game weekend. After all, I had to go and rescue my sleeping bag I had forgotten there last time. For the record, it didn’t survive: Munter’s dog (a huge Great Dane, and I’m not talking about Mik Svellov now) had eaten it’s storage bag. Munter, […]

  • Boardgame Club meeting: Niagara, Fresh Fish

    Our club meeting yesterday drew a record crowd of 25 gamers. At one point we had five games going on at the same time! That’s amazing and I do hope this is a continuing trend and not just a fluke. Some of the expansion was caused by a group of people interested to try Age […]

  • Games of 2004

    Another year gone, another report of year’s activities. Once more, there’s probably more information than anyone wants to know, but it’s more for me anyway. Once again I played more than 100 different games — 113 to be precise. That’s less than last year, but then again, I played overall less games this year. Numbers […]

  • Fish night

    Johanna was out having a party with her friends, so I took the opportunity and invited my usual posse of Robert, Olli and Ari for some games. We started with Fresh Fish which I had finally picked up earlier today. It sure was a brain-bender! We played twice and in the second game got the […]