Web site and a new translation

I added a new translation on my website: Carcassonne: The Count. Thanks to Markku Jaatinen for doing the translation!

I’ve been working on my reviews a lot, recently. You’ve noticed few new reviews I’ve written, but even more has been done behind the scenes. I finally finished moving my reviews to a new content management system I built. It’s been a tedious process, but now I can meddle with the reviews easily anywhere, using a browser. Writing new stuff is a lot easier now and having all the text in a database makes all sorts of data manipulation possible.

I’m a huge fan of all sorts of systems that facilitate doing websites. Especially if they support multiple authors and make it easier for a community to manage its website. Our new Boardgame Society website is a huge improvement over the old. On the new one, we can assign authors for each page so they can change things they are responsible for. On the old one, all changes had to be done by the webmaster. Thanks for Lasse, who built the system for us for free.

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