A pleasant kind of interruption

Here I am, having my breakfast in peace, while the doorbell rings. Who can it be, I wonder, and go and open the door. To my surprise, there’s a mail delivery guy with a rather large and hefty box for me. I open it up and what do I find? Australia, Labyrinth — Die Schatzjagd and Spinergy. What a pleasant surprise!

I did expect the games this week, but not on Monday and not delivered to my home. Next board game club session (this Saturday) is going to be a feast of new games, especially as I’m expecting In the Shadow of the Emperor and Farfalia later this week. Oh bliss. I have high expectations for many of these games; I wonder how they’ll turn out.

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4 responses to “A pleasant kind of interruption”

  1. Looking forward to hearing your comments on Australia, especially after Jay Tummelson mentioned it for SdJ

  2. I’ll try it Saturday. After reading the rules and fiddling with the components (neat, except the board could look better) it feels like Africa: pretty light, but still on the complicated end of the family game scale. We’ll see.

  3. So I played a 3-player game of Australia last night, I was quite impressed, here’s what I wrote on BGG:
    A real surprise! After reading the rules, I thought for sure that this was going to be a mindnumbing repeatitive family game, it’s much deeper — requires much more thinking & tactics than Ticket to Ride. Quite clever & unique actually. Families will learn to play this game quickly but it will be the real gamers who will win this.
    Be warned: Those who suffer from *analysis paralysis* should stay clear of this one because optimizing your move is the key to success. Game is a bit repeatitive though towards the end, and quite fiddly throughout. Luck is relatively minimal.
    …my initial rating is 7.5/10