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Shannon Appelcline wrote in his blog. He has banned comments from non-LiveJournal users so I’ll just have to say it here:

So at EndGame I usually try and be really considerate of what people might enjoy and do all the consensus twaddle about what we should play. Today, because I’d had such a terrible, terrible week (top 5 materia, here) I decided to just be selfish and suggest up what I wanted to play. oO I got to play some things that made me fairly happy and saved everyone the 10-15 usual minutes of “What-should-we-play?”.

I couldn’t agree more! My typical course of action in our board game club is to take with me the games I like to play (and few favourites many people know how to play, like Finstere Flure). When it comes to starting games, I’ll choose something I’d like to play and say “now let’s play this one, is anyone interested?”. Usually I get enough interest and we’ll get a game going, leaving the rest of the people choosing their game.

In some cases, I can’t muster enough interest — ok, I’ll switch the game. In some cases someone else suggests something — if it’s something I don’t hate, that’s fine, let’s play it. As much fun as voting can be, I think enlightened tyranny is the best way to choose which games to play. If you want to play a game, say it and we’ll play. Impatient as I am, I just can’t stand slow consensus decision-making in such trivial issues like this.

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  1. Don’t take the lack of non-LJ comments personally. I’ve just gotten some work-related very nasty attacks in the past.