Ticket to Ride online

I just finished a game of Ticket to Ride at the Finnish game site Voitta.net. The game is called Wanderer there, but it’s Ticket to Ride. The game mode is turn-based play-by-web.

The site is Finnish and English and I think you can play the game without knowing any Finnish — the rules are available only in Finnish, but that’s hardly a problem. The system is fairly ugly, but if you want to play Ticket to Ride as a turn-based play by web game, there you go. One note though: the wild cards are black. That’s why there are no black tracks on the board.

My first finished game was a bit of a slaughter: I built a continuous track from New York to Seattle, from there down to Los Angeles and in the end reached El Paso and added an extraneous six-track bit. My tickets were from NY to Seattle and from NY to LA. Devious end-game block also caused my opponent to miss one ticket.

They also have a version of Risk called FISK.

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