Easier Antiquity

I played a game of Antiquity with Johanna today. This time I chose to play the easier introductory game, without pollution and famine.

The game was much easier, but still interesting to play. Johanna picked up the game quite well and we soon got off to a good start. When it was time to build the cathedrals, she chose San Nicolo, while I took Santa Maria; after all, I’m not too modest.

Well, Johanna won the game, before I even got my first win condition done. I was pretty close to fulfilling San Giorgio victory condition, but far from anything else. I did help her a bit, sure, but it was her first game and it’s a tough game to play well.

She enjoyed the game: she doesn’t mind fiddling with cardboard bits and quite likes the solitaire play. She’s interested to try again, which is always nice. We’ll be playing the introductory game; I think it’ll take a while before we migrate to the full game.

And don’t worry: I’ll let my gamer buddies suffer. They’re that sort of masochists who’ll probably enjoy being humbled by a game mechanic…

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5 responses to “Easier Antiquity”

  1. The more I read about Antiquity, the more I want to try it. You just have to drag it with you to Helcon.

  2. I’m curious if you found Shadows Over Camelot had enough replayability to warrant ten plays? I’ve read that it could get dull by the fourth game.

  3. No idea whatsoever… It’s hard to judge after just one game. I think it might work, but then again, it has probably a lot to do with the players.

  4. It seems like San Nicolo is the obvious choice for patron saint for first-time players. The others are interesting, but San Nicolo gives a big advantage. It will be interesting to see whether the other saints become popular among players who have played more frequently.

  5. Well, in the other game where we used famine and pollution, three of the players chose San Christofori, just because it’s a good solution for famine. One of the guys made the calculation: San Nicolo and San Christofori took just about the same number of resources, but San Christofori was just so much easier, when it comes to famine.
    If famine isn’t an issue, San Nicolo is pretty good (especially with Faculty of Philosophy).