Lost in the valley with no shopping

We played Lost Valley after a while. This time we both explored the same side of the river, which made things a bit more interesting. Johanna’s fear of getting locked in the same two strategies was reduced, as she had a good time hunting animals and stealing gold from my mines.

I played real idiot moves and the first mine I opened got three gold for Johanna and just one gold for me. That was quite stupid. It didn’t improve much. I went and bought a horse and a cart and went digging gold. Johanna followed me and stole from my mines some more.

She never bought anything; she even forgot to use her whisky. She just collected ten gold counters and headed straight to the shop to end the game. Final score: 24-10. That was something quite unusual. Then again, I certainly didn’t use my gear to my best advantage.

I feel a review bubbling on. I could write it tomorrow, but I’ve already started it, the stub is on web and I’m still without an Internet connection (I’ve been bluffing well, I hope, by posting these blog entries whenever I’ve been able). So, I’ll probably put that energy for something else; perhaps another review. We’ll see.

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2 responses to “Lost in the valley with no shopping”

  1. I am glad that someone besides me builds mines, and never actually gets to mine them. This has happened to me both times I have played this game. Still, I love the theme and game play of Lost Valley.

  2. So we’re both clueless… Basically, I think, one shouldn’t build a mine unless one can mine it without getting extra resources (which is impossible, unless you have a cart). If that’s the case, drinking whisky and mining right away is probably a wise move.
    Having to first build the mine, then get extra resources, then mine is bad, but maybe you just can’t help it… You’ll just have to do it when there’s nobody else around. Go find the mines in the deep wilderness, where you can block the routes and it’ll take few turns before anyone arrives.
    I just need more practise…