Tea and Metro

Metro is of suitable weight and length to be played over a cup of tea, it seems. However, I’m afraid we’re not going to play the game again. Even though Johanna won the game hands down, she thought it was somewhat ho-hum. I agree — it can feel a bit pointless. It’s kind of fun to plonk down the tiles, but that’s it.

Also, she had some problems visualising the routes. Can’t blame her for that, because the tracks are a mess. Of course, that’s one of attractions of the game for some, but can also make it pretty annoying to play. Anyway, Metro is a decent two-player game, but I’d like to try it with four or so at some point.

Anyway, it’s a neat Scandinavian edition I got as a review copy from Tactic. I also got Alhambra. Alhambra is up for Finnish Game of the Year award and a likely winner in my opinion. Haven’t really had time to check the Finnish edition, but it looks ok — of course, only the rules are in Finnish (and in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish), everything else is language-independent.

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