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  • Finnish Game of the Year winners 2005

    Finnish Game of the Year winners have been declared. They reflect the Spiel des Jahres awards closely. Best children’s game is Geistertreppe, 2004 Kinder Spiel des Jahres winner. Kids loved the ghost mechanism and thought the game was funny and exciting. What’s more to ask? Best family game is Ticket to Ride, 2004 Spiel des […]

  • Tea and Metro

    Metro is of suitable weight and length to be played over a cup of tea, it seems. However, I’m afraid we’re not going to play the game again. Even though Johanna won the game hands down, she thought it was somewhat ho-hum. I agree — it can feel a bit pointless. It’s kind of fun […]

  • Helcon III — Sunday

    If you haven’t read Helcon III — Saturday yet, that’s the place to start from. Sunday began with a meeting, when the Finnish Diplomacy Association had it’s last meeting. It’s final now: the association will now be known as Finnish Boardgame Society or Suomen lautapeliseura. We’ll forget Diplomacy and start spreading the gospel of better […]

  • Club meeting

    Board game club gathered yesterday to play some games. I was actually rather satisfied with the games I played, I managed to play just about everything I set out to play. We started with San Marco. I’d like to try the game with three players, but once again we had four. It doesn’t matter, because […]

  • Independence Day games

    Even though next board game club meeting is tomorrow, I invited Robert and Olli to my place for some games. It was a very good way to spend the Independence Day in my opinion, especially as Johanna was out of town. First we played some new games I hadn’t yet tried. I’ll write more detailed […]

  • HelCon II — Saturday

    Saturday was the first day of HelCon II. We got up early, packed the car and headed towards the location. Which was quite nice, really! For once the space was open and had windows and even the bathrooms were quite clean. Of course, there was the limitation that all gaming must end before the alarm […]

  • Board game club meeting

    The board game club season opened well yesterday. We had about 15 attendees, which is a good amount considering our premises. It wasn’t completely ordinary event, though. There was a photographer from the Finnish home journal Kotiliesi, taking pictures for an article that they are doing. It’ll be a great article! He took some pictures […]

  • Finnish translations

    I’ve been doing some updating on the Finnish side of my game stuff. I’m going to pick up my Adam order today and new games means new translations. I’ve already done Crokinole,

  • Adam Spielt order

    Our latest Adam Spielt order has been made. Next week I should get the following games: PitchCar — A must after the Lahti weekend. Simply too much fun to miss this one. I wasn’t interested in this before I tried, it’s unbelievable how fun such a simple game can be. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde […]

  • Spiel des Jahres 2003

    Spiel des Jahres 2003 award winners have been chosen! Winner of the main award is Alhambra by Dirk Henn. Best children’s game is Viva Topo! by Manfred Ludwig. Congratulations to the winners!