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  • Tactic games

    I got a bunch of review copies from Tactic. They are probably the biggest board game publisher in Finland and as far as I know a fairly big in European level as well — certainly bigger than many of the hobby publishers we cherish, like Hans im Glück. Their games are fairly mass-market, with occasional […]

  • New games

    Got Elasund and Farlander from Tactic. Both are interesting games in their own way. Elasund is, of course, the latest game in the Catan franchise. The Catan basics are there (die roll for resource production, building to ten victory points), but outside that it’s something fairly new compared to other Catan games. There’s one aspect […]

  • Visit to Tactic

    Yesterday we (meaning a group of active Board Game Society members) visited the Tactic head office and factory in Pori. It was an interesting and educational visit; it was nice to see a real board game factory. Too bad it wasn’t running at the time we visited it. They’ve got a pretty impressive production line […]

  • The Future of Board Games?

    I have seen the future of board games and it looks… interesting? Well, not actually — I just got a copy of Tactic’s DVD Sudoku and I just opened the box and punched the tiles, I haven’t tried it yet. But it certainly looks interesting. The gist of the game is solving sudokus (well, yeah), […]

  • Friday, day three: Games, games, games

    Here’s what happened yesterday: Today was the day! I went downstairs to use the hotel laptop to send my reports, which I did, and then headed back to the room. I glanced towards the dining room, and who did I see? Reiner Knizia, of course, and he was just leaving. As he wasn’t eating, I […]

  • Tea and Metro

    Metro is of suitable weight and length to be played over a cup of tea, it seems. However, I’m afraid we’re not going to play the game again. Even though Johanna won the game hands down, she thought it was somewhat ho-hum. I agree — it can feel a bit pointless. It’s kind of fun […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards 2002

    Finnish Game of the Year awards have been given out. The winners this year are: Best Children’s Game: Ali Baba (Ravensburger) Best Family Game: Bakari (Tactic) Best Adult Game: Fits (Ravensburger) Spiel des Jahres winner Villa Paletti was in the family game final three, but didn’t make it.