Best of the Blogosphere

Alfred’s Best of the Blogosphere is a most welcome development. Alfred from Musings, Ramblings and Things Left Unsaid picks highlights from the board game blogs every week, pointing readers to the most interesting entries.

I like it, but I think it could be even better. Make a new blog out of it and perhaps get an editor or two more to join the process… But we’ll see how it’ll evolve, right now it’s good someone actually did something on this front. Three cheers for Alfred!

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2 responses to “Best of the Blogosphere”

  1. Thank you! That’s two votes thus far for this idea to be a separate blog, which is something I highly recommend someone else do…we could use someone who does nothing but read, aggregate, and comment on game news and bloggings of interest, but my guess is nobody has this kind of free time…