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I thought I had ran out of time at the Days of Wonder web games a long time ago, but it turned out I still have over a year or so. Woo-hoo. After all, I have had several of their games and they used to give out one year for each game and it’s all been there… I’ve used like three years and still have a year (and a spare webcode I got from Ismo I can use if I need more).

It’s been on little use, but I think I should play more Gang of Four there. I went in for two games today; lost one, did ok in other. The applet doesn’t work perfectly on my Mac, but it works well enough. I should play it more.

The biggest problem with the applet is, by the way, the fact that you can’t rearrange your cards. Gang of Four is a game where you very much would like to rearrange your hand in a more sensible way than just ranked order…

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