Memoir ’44 goes Pacific

Memoir ’44: Pacific Theatre is coming! The rules (pdf) are already available. Here’s a short list of what new the game will contain:

Japanese troops are superb. They don’t retreat — they always ignore one retreat flag extra. In caves they ignore all retreat flags. When doing a Close Assault with a full-strength unit, they roll an extra die. They can initiate a Close Assault from two hexes away.

Marines are well-organized: they can activate more units. Each card activates an extra unit. Even when doing a counter-attack, they get one more activation than their opponent. Flame thrower tanks maintain their battle dice better when fighting in tough terrain.

Night time limited visibility affects line of sight and prevents barrages and air attacks. It starts with just one hex visibility, but it gets gradually lighter when time passes (and marine player rolls dice well).

Warships patrol the shores in some scenarios. They have batteries with a range of eight hexes (firing pattern 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1). They also have the big gun crosshair system that improves their aim if they fire at the same target twice.

Japanese troops can use cave networks to move swiftly between different locations. Caves are also very good defensive positions.

Hospitals heal infantry like Medics & Mechanics cards. HQ & Supply tent hexes are important to control: if your opponent takes one over, you’ll lose a command card and must play with a smaller hand until you reclaim the HQ.

There’s something called Memoir ’44 Official Carrying Case on the way, and that will contain air forces to do Air Sorties. Pacific Theatre expansion will contain aircraft carriers and airstrip terrain to support that. Sounds interesting.

I’d say Pacific Theatre is a must-buy, but then again, I’m a big fan of Memoir ’44. It’s the only game where I’m really looking forward to getting all the expansions.

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