Storage solutions for Splotter games

I’ve been happy with my ziploc bag arrangement for Antiquity, but seeing Tommy’s solution made me instantly jealous. So, since I was armed with a car yesterday, we drove to the Hong Kong junk paradise on the outskirts of the city and got me some Shakespeare equipment.

I’ve got two different utility boxes. Antiquity uses a standard utility box with up to 24 compartments. That holds all the common chits: resource tokens, pollution, fields, houses and graves. Players still get their goodie bags with buildings, cubes and the rest of it.

For Indonesia I got a mini utility box, with six compartments. It has less height, so it fits in the box pretty snugly. The six compartments hold the different goods and the small coins (though I’ll probably ditch the single rupias to a separate bag, it’s the five-rupia coins you need an easy access to).

The boxes make using the games easier. Cleaning up everything afterwards is easier and getting the right chits during the game is simple. I like these boxes. Both are wormproof, which I think equates to “chit-spill proof” in this case. Price wasn’t a problem either: the bigger box costs around four-five euros, the smaller one was two euros. Considering the games cost 60+ euros, few euros for a storage box isn’t going to hurt a lot.

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