Gameblog is four years old!

Hooray! Gameblog turns four today! Pretty amazing. Turns out many of my projects have longevity that surpasses what is generally expected from web fads. I suppose Gameblog will be there after next four years (it should get pretty interesting then, as Nooa will be four years old and in a prime age for his gaming education to start).

Feel free to suggest good stuff I’ve written and should highlight, if there are any.

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5 responses to “Gameblog is four years old!”

  1. Congratulations, Mikko. I assume that you have one of the very oldest boardgame blogs (in any language). Are you aware of any that are still going that are older than yours?

  2. Nimrods is — he started April 2001 and he’s still going strong. I wasn’t aware of his blog when I started mine, though… But I don’t remember others.