Gipf collection complete

With the today’s arrival of Yinsh, my Gipf collection is complete. It doesn’t include Tamsk (hard to get, not very interesting behind the time pressure) or Pünct (a connection game) or most of the extra sets (none but number two with the Zèrtz rings).

Another collection was recompleted with the newfangled Buka Invasion set for Blue Moon.

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3 responses to “Gipf collection complete”

  1. You can hardly call 4 out of 6 a complete collection. I admit the set are quite unnecisary.
    I don’t think it is fair to call Tamsk an simple game that is only difficult because of the time pressue. I don’t know if you have played it, but it is more about waiting for the right time to make your move then moving quickly.
    Tamsk is definately not the best in the series, but it is worth at least a try. (It’s not hard to get since it has been reprinted by rio grande)

  2. Complete or not, I have zero desire to get Tamsk or Pünct. I’ve played both. Pünct I tried at Essen — certainly a good game, but it’s a connection game, and I have no interest in those.
    I’ve played Tamsk quite a bunch through e-mail (that skips the time pressure and reveals that the game itself is quite uninteresting — to me that is) and once with the actual game. Sure, the time pressure is fun, but I like to keep fun speed games and ponderous abstract thinkers separate.
    So, that’s all the Gipf my collection is ever going to see.