Blue Moon City, Bohnanza and Fairy Tale

Blue Moon City box

Another day, another game session, this time with Olli H. and Sami from yesterday. We kicked off with Blue Moon City, as requested by both Sami and Olli. I’m always game for this one! We played twice and both were quite curious games. In the first one, both Sami and Olli hoarded crystals, we actually ran out. Meanwhile I was actually scoring points: I got the first three seven-crystal points, then finished the game a bit later. Final scores 5-2-0. Lesson learned (hopefully): hoarding doesn’t pay off.

Second game was basically the other extreme: we built everything and nobody was able to make the fifth offering. Olli got closest, so he won. I had to check the tie-breaker rule, as I’ve never needed it before. It was a close, tense match, Blue Moon City at its best. I like the game, it’s getting better the more I play it.

One rules issue came up. How do the scales work, if the scale pool runs out in the middle of awarding the scales… Turns out this is not an issue, as I’ve happily missed the fact that the scale pool gets extra “imaginary” scales if it runs out in the middle of the building prize phase. So, it doesn’t matter in which order the scales are handed out to players. I should probably add this clarification to my copy, since I remember this isn’t the first time I’ve run into this issue.

Bohnanza box

Sami had wished for Bohnanza, another wish I was happy to fulfill. I’ve been wanting to play the game for a while now and no wonder — I checked, and it’s over four years from my previous game! It was about time! It was fun trading beans, and I did well, too! I still got some touch left. I did get lucky, scoring full fields of garden beans and red beans.

My next game of Bohnanza must happen sooner than in four years!

Fairy Tale box

We finished our session with three rounds of Fairy Tale. I’ve now played the game eight times without winning once! This time I did pretty well in all games, but each time someone was better. The advanced cards really add to the game, that’s for sure. Here’s a real gem, I really, really do like the game.

I think I should probably make a player aid for the game, it would probably help teaching the game to newbies. List all the cards that require other cards to work and explain all the symbols… There are probably some decent ones in Geek, but having one in Finnish might be useful. I’ll have to think about that. Anyhow, right now Fairy Tale is my number one filler. I’d like to try it with just two players, though.

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